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According to the EY report, 72% of companies felt the negative effect of COVID.

Among survey respondents, all automotive and nearly all (97%) industrial products companies said the pandemic has had a negative effect on them. One of the most common solutions pointed by responders is Digital Transformation. Moreover, 64% of surveyed supply chain executives say digital transformation will accelerate due to the pandemic.

How can the business be transformed?

This is the question we get from our customers very often. These days most companies are somehow digitized. Systems like CRM, ERP, or WMS are standard. In a perfect world, such systems would meet all the needs and would adapt to a changing world immediately. Unfortunately, this is not a fairy tale and business core systems cannot change during one day. How can this be solved? From our experience, we can say that in each company there are places where dedicated software solutions can help solve problems of their bigger brothers.

How did we help our customers?

We create personalized solutions for businesses. Isn’t it time that your software worked perfectly with your business? We can make that happen.

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Impossible to estimate the cost of transport

Our challenge was to create an application that allows you to calculate travel costs taking into account many parameters.

Route optimization algorithm takes into account the real factors such as road conditions, fixed fees, ADR classes, or road orders and bans.

This enables the identification of the fastest and most optimal routes in seconds and eliminates the problems associated with the organization of the journey. The manager can optimize and plan another driver. That's not all, our solution also allows us to verify the compliance of data from invoices from carriers.

The route calculator allows you to configure such features as the dimensions of the vehicle or its weight and uses the HERE API in order to calculate the route to be offered to the user.

The web application integrates with HereMaps and allows you to calculate travel costs taking into account all the necessary parameters.

Lack of information about available stock

Our customer is a well-known manufacturer of hygiene products. Daily he ships a few hundred palettes of manufactured goods around Europe. They were facing a problem in which information required to plan shipments was available in a few different sources (SAP ERP system, production system, WMS system). Moreover part of manufactured goods needs to be sent to quarantine - so even though they are available on stock, they cannot be shipped.

Together with the customer, we build a solution that can gather all this information from different sources, merge them, optimize and suggest the best possible way to plan the shipment.

The challenge was also to create a tool that will not be problematic in use to inexperienced staff. To meet this, we created a user interface based on a tool they already know, so it is way easier to adapt.

As a result, the customer managed to reduce costs of shipments and increased shipments department efficiency.

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The necessity of visualization of localization for a big number of vehicles

We received a task to prepare a data visualization application that will allow us to present a big amount of data on a simple map. The problem was a lack of knowledge about the operational activity of mobility vehicles in the selected regions.

We created a cloud-based system adapted to aggregating data from multiple sources of different kinds and processing them into a unified format. On top of that, the system provides an infrastructure for data scientists and a web tool for managers.

Thanks to our solution, the customer managed to increase the percentage of the vehicle's usage and increase total sales value.

"In Codemachine we believe each problem can be solved with a customized IT solution developed for your business needs."

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Marcin Wawrzykiewicz, Head of Business Development, Plusfleet Sp. z o.o.